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Kris has been interested in music since the early years. ‘I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t singing. I can tell you an amusing story from my childhood… I used to go to a church with my mum on Sundays when I was about three years old. I remember sitting on the bench in the church, relaxing and swinging my legs, looking at the chandeliers, paintings and windows. I never paid much attention to the preaching, but each time the music started and people began to sing I couldn’t stop myself from singing also – at the age of three I was the loudest singer in the venue. The problem with that was that I didn’t know the lyrics, so I had to make them up and they rarely matched the original. You can imagine my mother wasn’t impressed and she kept asking me to be quiet. I guess it was also the time when I became a lyricist… ‘

During his school years Kris was involved in various choirs, school performances and played the organ in churches. As a young teenager he went into music school to learn music theory and piano. ‘When I was 7 I knew I wanted to be a singer. I was absolutely fascinated by it. I knew all the songs they played on the radio. Later on I still enjoyed music, I have never stopped singing, but I wasn’t sure what I would be doing in the future. You know people always advise you to become a lawyer, an accountant or a doctor. They would rarely encourage you to be a musician. I was seventeen when I decided or rather realized that I really wanted to be a professional singer and a songwriter.’
Kris then applied to and was accepted into the College of Music’s Classical Singing Class which teaches to sing in opera. ‘When I sent my papers to apply for a place in this college I thought we’d learn any kind of music we chose. I was quite surprised and stressed on the day of my entrance exam. There was tens if not hundreds of people and only a few places available. Everyone had prepared some little arias, opera songs and there was me with my two songs one of which I wrote myself... Imagine that! They offered me a place though. They liked my voice and I guess they believed that with some training I could be an opera star… I started my education there. I liked all the music aspects that I was learning except the singing. I hated the sound of my own voice when I sung in an operatic manner. It did not feel real, more like listening to someone else. Each time I had to prepare some little aria I was dreaming of singing a jazz or a pop song… I love listening to classical music and I get a lot of inspiration from it, but I never wanted to be an opera singer, so I couldn’t see much sense in staying there. I believe you really have to love what you do if you want to be successful in it’
‘When I moved to London in 2001 it was like starting a new life. I love many places and cities. There are a few places in the World where I have left a piece of my heart. There are still plenty I want to discover. But between all the cities I know London is the one where I can be who I want to be. I love it, I hate it, I adore it, I get bored with it, but it is my home where I keep things together. It’s like a lover. We can become bored with lovers sometimes, but this does not mean that they are bad.’ In London, Kris joined music classes and courses and has kept writing songs and lyrics. ‘I used to think that I needed to achieve perfection before I release something publicly. Today I think it’s wrong. I still want my songs to be done to very high standards, but learning is a lifetime process and I think you can never be perfect in every way. What counts the most is that you and others enjoy the music’.

In 2009 Kris recorded and released his first single ‘Spotlights’ It has been warmly received by audiences in America and Europe and has attracted the attention of American TV which invited Kris to promote the song to its millions of viewers around the world. In February and March 2010 Kris went back to the studio to master his second song ‘FIGHT’. ‘I had the best people in the industry working with me on this track’. It was recorded and mixed in The Chapel Studio in London with producer/composer/engineer Steve A. Williams who has worked with artists such as Sting, Lisa Stansfield, Eric Clapton, Seal and Britney Spears. ‘I always wanted to work with Steve, so I sent him my demo for ‘Fight’ (previously titled ‘You Don’t Cry’) and he liked the song. We went to the studio and worked on it during February. Working with Steve has been one of my best music experiences. In a way it was easy, because Steve and I have a similar taste in music, so it was easy to communicate. We also involved a fantastic musician/guitar player/producer Sean Genockey (credits include: The Futureheads, Paul Stacey, Tim Palmer) who put guitars on the track. They were both brilliant and very patient with me being fussy about sounds and rhythms etc… We did not always agree, because it was taking them in the direction of blues and rock while I wanted more funky sounds, but I knew that I could trust them and that we were going to make a great sounding track. I’ve learnt that people who are successful at what they do will make you feel comfortable, because they understand and share your passion of making good music and art’.
Kris is now finishing his album and a new single is expected this year!